Soccer skills coaching at Tuakau College

Soccer skills coaching at Tuakau College

Martin's homestay in Curacavi, Chile

Martin's homestay in Curacavi, Chile

martin, 19, germany

Martin arrived in New Zealand in January having finished high school in Germany last year. He spent two and a half months at Tuakau College where he tried out some new subjects such as Accounting and Spanish, while working on his volunteer project. Martin chose to volunteer as a soccer coach. He helped to coach a junior school team, held a skills clinic during the school holidays, and helped out with the sports classes for the school's special needs students. 


Martin also chose to travel to Chile to volunteer in our partner school in Curacavi. He was a great help at the school, taking charge of groups of students for Physical Education classes. He also had one on one Spanish lesson while in Curacavi. 


“Martin arrived today. His flight was fine even when it was 3 hours late, but I was at the airport early and waited for him until he arrived. Everything was perfect during the day, he seemed to be happy. My four kids came with me to the airport and I think they get along very well. They played soccer the whole afternoon, he ate well. Tomorrow I have prepared a welcome party with some of my students so he can meet them before going to school."

"Martin left last Saturday, his parents came on Friday, I took them to the school and met the Principal and Martin's friends. In the afternoon, I gave Martin a farewell party in my house, his parents were really happy and thankful. They are lovely people! My family is missing him but we promised to keep in touch..."   

Martin's Chilean homestay mother

"Martin was a great help for the sport teacher. While Luis, the teacher, was working with one group of students, Martin was with the other group. So, Martin did a lot of volunteer work!! He has been also taking private Spanish lessons and at the same time, practising in other classes. He has made good friends and I think he has had a good time so far."

"Things here have been fantastic, coming already to the last day of Martin at school. He has had a wonderful last week at school since he has been sharing a lot trying to enjoy every minute here. He prepared a spectacular presentation about his country absolutely in Spanish and he presented in many classes, it is awesome how his Spanish improved in this short time, actually the Principal came to see him today in the last period and he was really impressed, after that one of the classes (year 10) showed him something about Chile including our National Dance, typical food and presents…it was great…Martin was happy!"

"I was talking to the principal and other people at school and the final evaluation is absolutely positive. We are waiting for more students to come!!"

 Andrea Vasquez - Academic Plus Volunteer Chile Coordinator