If you are interested in doing an Academic Plus Volunteer programme, the first step is to either contact us or find an agent.

Let us or your agent know what interests you have, what type of volunteer project you'd like to do and what sort of subjects and activities you'd like to do at school. We will then give you some options of which schools we think will best suit you. 

Once you have chosen a school, we will send you an Application form. If your application if successful, you will be sent an Offer of Place and an invoice for fees. Once you have paid your fees we will send send you a receipt, which you will need along with the Offer of Place to apply for a student visa. If you are adding the Chile option to your programme, you may also need to apply for a Chilean visa at this stage. 


Academic Plus Volunteer is open to applicants aged 16-19 who want to make a difference. It is well suited to students in their final years of schooling and those who have finished school in their home country. While the programme does require you to attend high school while in New Zealand, our high schools offer a range of interesting subjects that allow you to try out new things, such as outdoor education, specialised sports subjects, performing arts, tourism, food technology and more. For more information about the subject choices and extra curricular activities, please visit the school websites or contact us.

when can i start?

The New Zealand academic year starts February and ends in December. The ideal time to start your programme is at the beginning of one the four school terms. It is possible to align your programme with a Northern Hemisphere academic year, arriving in July.

More information

For a list of schools offering  Academic Plus Volunteer and links to the school websites, see Academic.

For information about our fees, see Pricing.

For information on New Zealand visa requirements, visit www.immigration.govt.nz/migrant/stream/study.

For information on Chilean visa requirements, visit chileabroad.gov.cl/en to find your nearest Chilean Consulate.